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Dane Ghyll Community Primary School and Nursery

SERIS & Kidsafe

Our SERIS worker is Mrs Gawne.

SERIS stands for Supporting Emotional Resilience in Schools. Mrs Gawne's role is to support children, as individuals or in groups, who have emotional issues or difficulty with social skills, language, self-esteem or confidence. She is also trained to support individuals in bereavement, loss and separation.

If you have any concerns, at any time, and think she may be able to help, please contact the school.

Supporting positive mental health at Dane Ghyll

Schools can play a critical part in many different ways to help promote good mental health in children and to prevent later problems. We do this in many ways through:

  • a positive and supportive school ethos that creates an environment that enhances children and school staff's mental health.

  • delivery of curriculum-based activities supporting key social and emotional skills.

  • build on and celebrate positive peer relationships and school staff relationships.

  • capitalise on the many 'light-touch' daily contacts that staff have with children and families.

As a staff we model positive self-care, resilience and strong social and emotional skills.
Mrs Gawne is our Mental Health first aiders in school.

SERIS useful links:

We are a Kidsafe registered school. Our qualified Kidsafe tutors are Mrs Broadfoot and Mrs Gawne.

Kidsafe is age appropriate education to prevent the manifestation of poor mental health for children without shattering their innocence.

Visit the Kidsafe website for more information