Special Educational Needs (SEN)


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Action 4 Children - Short breaks for children with SEND

Action for children can offer support for families by providing short breaks for children with a special educational need and/or disability. Please click here for more details and contact your nearest Sure Start/Children's Centre for more advice.


ACTION 4 CHILDREN - How can Action 4 Children help me?

See how Action 4 Children can help support families with children with SEND (Special Educational Need/Disability) Click here for more details.


Action 4 Children - Activities for children in April

Action for children offers a range of opportunities for children during the Easter break. Please click here for more information and contact your local Sure Start centre for advice on suitability and bookings.


TRIPLE P COURSES - Do you need help with parenting?

Sometimes we can access outside agencies to provide support for the parent/carer on helping them in dealing with aspects of their child's behaviour. Triple P is just one of many.

Triple P in a nutshell

The Triple P - Positive Parenting Programme is a parenting and family support system designed to prevent - as well as treat - behavourial and emotional problems in children and teenagers. It aims to prevent problems in the family, school and community before they arise and to create family environments that encourage children to realise their potential.

Triple P draws on social learning, cognitive behaviourial and developmental theory as well as reserach into risk factors associated with the devlopment of social and behavourial problems in children. It aims to equip parents with the skills and confidence they need to be self-sufficient and to be able to manage family issues without ongoing support.

Group Triple P and Group Triple P course structure

Session 1: What is positive parenting? - what is happening now in your family; the things that influence your child's behaviour, goals for change.

Session 2: Promoting children and young people's developemnt and behaviour - teaching skills and how we would like them to behave.

Session 3: Managing misbehaviour (dealing with risky behaviour - teen) - what we want our children to stop doing and we would like them to do instead.

Session 4: Planning ahead - planning ahead to manage your children's behaviour in stressful or risky situations - i.e. in teh supermarket/going out independently.

Sessions 5 - 7: Telephone review of strategies

Session 8: Reflecting on and celebrating all you have achieved as a family and setting future goals.

Action for Children

Action for Children runs the Triple P course, as well as others, based at their childrens centres. If you would like to be considered for this or any other courses run by A4C, (This includes after school workshops for children with various needs) please contact Mrs Laverne-Southwell at school for more details.

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Act fast to be included!

The Triple P parenting course has a limited number of places available, please contact school as soon as possible if you would like a referral to this service.


Dyslexia and the Dyslexia Support Trial Programme - Is My Child Dyslexic?

As a school, we have a number of ways that we can identify if a child has certain weaknesses that indicate traits of Dyslexia. One of them is the LUCID Rapid Dyslexia Screener.

If you feel your child may have Dyslexic traits, please contact me at school. Following an assessment, I will be able to offer advice on support and information on formal diagnosis.

Dyslexia Support Trial - IDL

In the very near future, we have the opportunity to trial a Dyslexia support programme in school.

IDL have had great success in improving children's reading and spelling ages. By following an individualised programme at least three times a week for twenty minutes, children will be encouraged to develop their individual word reading, spelling, keyboard and comprehension skills. (As well as others)

As this is a 'cloud' based intervention, children will be able to continue their work at home making it accessible in both environments.

If you would like your child to take part in this trail, please contact me at school. It is planned that some, if not all of the support, may take place before school - this is to be confirmed.

Thank you

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Lexia |
Lexia is a web-based Independent Learning System. It is predominantly phonics-based, beginning at initial letter level, and includes a simple comprehension element. Pupils work through a program independently and at their own pace. Children who it is felt would benefit from the program are issued with their own individual login details.

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A Message from our SENCO

Many children with an Autistic Spectrum Condition struggle in unknown or crowded places and where there is a lot of noise.

Holiday times are the worst – the routine of school has ceased and many families may be going on holiday, which brings about its own problems.

If you have a child that has Autism/Aspergers, did you know that you can apply for a special wrist band from Manchester airport that ‘fast tracks’ you and your family through the system, avoiding the pressures that can build in such a busy environment?

Please read the booklet (click here) for more details.

Have a great and as much as possible, ‘stress free’ holiday!